Providing a secure and safe environment for your child is a priority at our licensed day care, Lil’ Rascals Academy. Sign-in and sign-out sheets are utilized to track your child’s arrival and departure. Parents are required to come into the child care center with their child when arriving in the morning and escort him/her back to their classroom. All of the lobby doors have keypad entry that can only be opened with an access code. Also, a special code word, along with proper identification is required before we allow your child to be removed from our preschool facility. Additionally, every individual who enters or leaves our child care facility is video recorded on our lobby D.V.R.s. This information is stored on digital video recorders for future reference. All schools and classrooms have camera surveillance and observation windows as well.

Safety is our number-one priority. We believe in well-supervised activities, daily ongoing attendance during transportation, well-maintained equipment, and lower teacher-student ratios on field trips. Our staff are all extensively trained to have a no-nonsense lifeguard mentality. We maintain lower ratios on the field trips and divide children into groups by age.