We believe at Lil’ Rascals Academy, that it is our responsibility to complement the role of parents, who are the child’s first teachers in providing infant care for their children. We encourage open communication between parents, teachers, and administrators through the use of daily reports, parent-teacher conferences, development assessments, and our Brightwheel app.

Daily reports are given for each child outlining their activities for that day with special notes highlighting what they enjoyed, milestones achieved and other various elements of the school day spent at our preschool.

We also offer parent-teacher conferences twice a year. You will receive an evaluation and progress report on their growth in all developmental areas.

Lil’ Rascals Academy has an open door policy. Please feel free to visit our daycare during the day or call at any time to discuss how your child is doing at preschool. We understand how special your child is and how precious your time is together. We encourage parent participation and welcome your involvement in classroom activities.

Each October before Halloween, Lil’ Rascals Academy presents its annual Open House and Harvest party. It’s a chance for families to meet their child’s classmates and their families.