If you’re considering a career change and wondering if working at a preschool is the right job for you, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to discuss a few of the many benefits of working at a preschool such as Lil’ Rascals Academy.

Read on to learn more, and if you are ready to start a new, rewarding career in the early education field, reach out to a team at any of our four locations in Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Davie, or Weston and ask about our application process. 

Working at a Preschool Is Rewarding

One of the biggest reasons that people get into early education is because it is an extremely rewarding career. You have a direct effect on children and their development. You get the opportunity to watch them grow and learn, knowing that you had a hand in it. 

Children still have an endlessly positive outlook on the world. Everything is new and exciting, and you get to be a part of that. Whether you are teaching them the alphabet, numbers, or about how to create healthy habits, you can rest assured knowing that each day, you’ve had a positive impact on the life of a little growing human. 

The Early Education Field Is Growing

Another benefit of working at a preschool is that it is a growing field. Whether you are applying for an administrative position, an aid position, or a teaching position, there is room for growth and peace of mind knowing that the opportunities in this field are growing every year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the early education field is expected to see an additional 20,000 jobs added throughout the next decade, while about 160,000 openings are projected on average each year. 

Creativity Is Encouraged

When you work at a preschool, creativity, fun, and positivity are all highly encouraged. No two days are exactly alike when you work at a preschool, and you never know what a child is going to come up with next. When you work in child care, the more creative you can be, the better. After all, children at this age do a lot of their learning through play. 

You Are Contributing to the Growth of Your Community

Preschool isn’t just beneficial for the little ones you are teaching. It also allows their parents to attend work, school, and other activities while knowing that their children are safe and cared for in an educational environment. Preschool is an essential service to help the families of your community grow and prosper.


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