Unfortunately, long gone are the days of you having the sunniest of months off to spend endless hours soaking at the pool, tanning at the beach, or grilling at backyard barbecues. Sure, you still get to do those activities this summer, but you have other responsibilities as well (ahem, work). Just because you have to work, though, doesn’t mean your children can’t enjoy activities and their time off. Read our blog for four different ways to make sure your children have adequate, fun child care this summer.

Send them to their grandparents’ home.

If your parents or your partner’s parents live in another state, why not send the kids to party with the grandparents? Even if it were just for a month or so and you enrolled them in summer programs for the rest of their break, it’d be a great chance for your children and your parents to grow closer and strengthen their bond. It would also give you a much-needed break and let you start missing your children — right about when it’s time for them to come home.

Let them stay with friends.

If you have friends in the Pembroke Pines area who have kids and a stay-at-home parent, let your kids bond with their friends more! It’s definitely advisable that you pay your friends for this service or make sure your kids have money for the fun summer activities they do, but it can be a good way to ensure your kids have a fun, memorable time. Besides, it can actually make summer easier on your friends! Their kids will have someone to play with and keep them busy, as will yours. What’s not to love?

Find a summer program near you.

Can’t bear the thought of having your children gone from you for a couple of months? Summer programs are ideal for you. When you send your kids to a day camp or enroll them in a summer youth program, you’ll be thrilled to hear about all of the fun activities they did during the day by the time they get home.

Lil’ Rascals Academy offers summer camp at all four of our locations — Weston, Pembroke Pines, Davie, and Cooper City —  and each is full of fun activities daily. Your children will have field trips, access to gaming centers, playgrounds for use, and even classes in art, STEM, cooking, and sports. Your children will meet new friends, develop new hobbies and skills, and improve social behavior — all while you get to send them each day.

Hire a nanny.

Not feeling any of the previous options? You can always hire a full-time nanny instead of opting for a child care center. This could be a good option if you have lots of kids and hiring a nanny is more affordable than sending all of them to a summer camp for kids. Florida is a popular location for people to visit and live, so finding a nanny shouldn’t be too difficult. You could also still ensure that your kids have a fun few months full of the beach and their favorite Florida activities.

You love summertime in the Pembroke Pines area, and you want your children to have full access to all it has to offer. By enrolling your children in affordable child care through Lil’ Rascal Academy’s summer camp program, you can make sure they have one for the books. Our program is APPLE accredited and we are DCF licensed and inspected, and our day camp runs June 11 through August 14 — sign your kids up today!