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When you look on the bright side of life, life’s trials and tribulations become easier to navigate. Besides, no one likes being around a pessimist who sees their cup as half-empty all the time. As a parent, you want your child to enjoy their life by being a positive, happy person when they grow up. Being grateful for what you have is a great way to enjoy life to its fullest. But how do you instill gratitude in your child?

Lil’ Rascals Academy has four locations in Broward County, including Davie, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, and Weston, to better serve your daycare needs. Our daycare center offers care for children from infants up to age 12, including after school care. We have been serving our communities for over 30 years with the best preschool and infant care programs. Below, we’ll continue our look at how to create an attitude of gratitude in kids. Contact us today to get started!


Read Books Showing Gratitude

What goes in your child’s mind will ultimately shape who they will become. By filling your child’s mind with great stories of people being grateful for all that they have, they will imbibe that in their lives as well. During Thanksgiving, your local library has hundreds of books for kids about Thanksgiving, many of which will exhibit protagonists being grateful for what they have. Almost all of the popular series books, such as the Berenstain Bears and Fancy Nancy, have gratitude-themed books for kids. Historical novels often have characters who are grateful since many people hundreds of years ago had to rely on others to survive. Lil’ Rascals Academy in Broward County loves to read the best books to your children about gratitude.


Kids can grow up in a bubble, making them ignorant of the world around them, if you let them. However, there are two sides to gratitude that are often overlooked: seeing how others live who don’t have as much as you do and helping others as well. By volunteering in your community with your children, you will allow them to see that others are less fortunate than them and that they can give back and help others as well. Both of these will make kids realize and appreciate all of the blessings that they do have. Teach them to look for other opportunities to give back, such as raking leaves for elderly neighbors or baking a meal for a family who needs one due to illness or surgery.


Lil’ Rascals Academy in Broward County is extremely grateful that you entrust your children to us everyday. We give back by investing in the best teachers who pour their hearts and souls into your children in an effort to instill gratitude and other values into them. It does take a village to raise a child, and we’re grateful to be a part of that village. Call us today to get started at our daycare!