The holidays are coming up quickly! Can you believe it? The team at Lil’ Rascals Academy in Pembroke Pines cannot believe how quickly this year went but, as Christmas and holiday enthusiasts, we are in full-blown holiday spirit here at the daycare. If you’ve got your Christmas tree up and have holiday music constantly playing on the radio, then you’re going to absolutely love today’s blog. 

With siblings home from school for the holidays, many parents are looking for ways to keep their kiddos busy while they sneak in some time to wrap presents and get cards in the mail. That’s why, in today’s blog post, our team is going to cover a few fun holiday crafts that you can set up for your kids so they can stay busy, get in the holiday spirit, and have a great time during this time of year. Let’s dive right in. 

DIY Ornament

Nothing is quite as special as a homemade ornament. Whether your child is looking for a gift to give to family members that are visiting for the holidays, like grandparents or their aunt and uncles, a homemade ornament is a fantastic craft for them to complete. The best part about this is that you can really customize this craft to the age of your child. For example, your younger kiddos may be better off with paper and popsicle sticks to create their work-of-art-ornament while older kids can be trusted with clear plastic or glass ornaments. The best part is, this is a fantastic way to look back and remember your child at this particular age — you’ll treasure that for years to come. 

Tiny Christmas Tree

If you want to avoid your little one getting tangled up in Christmas lights or breaking those classic ornaments you’ve held onto for years, let them decorate a tiny tree of their own. Again, there are countless ways that you can do this. One of our favorite ways to decorate a small tree is quite simple. Paint a paper plate green and then hot glue it so that it forms a cone. You’ve now got a small tree! With a few pom-pom balls, glitter, and paper and crayons, your kiddo can go crazy turning this Christmas tree into everything they’ve ever dreamed of.

Paper Snowflakes

The classic Christmas craft: paper snowflakes! Nothing says winter or Christmas like snow. Here in Pembroke, however, snow can be hard to come by — even during the winter. For that reason, give your little one some safety scissors and some white paper. Show them how to go about cutting out fun designs in the paper and, just like that, you’ve got a snowflake. This is a fun craft that is timeless and will keep them busy for quite a while.

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