Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate with your preschooler, whether you are Irish or not. Green food, green drinks, parades — what’s not to love. In this blog, we are going to discuss some engaging Saint Paddy’s Day activities that you can enjoy with your kiddo, and the best part is, they may even learn something along the way. 

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Go to a Parade

One of the best ways to celebrate Saint Paddy’s Day with your little one is to attend a parade. Simply look up parades in your area online or ask family and friends. You and your preschooler can get all dressed up in green and add a matching hat or other fun accessories to your wardrobe to get into the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit. At the parade, you can introduce your kiddo to some Irish traditions like bagpipes and Irish step dancers. 

Make Shamrock Treats

Making Saint Patrick’s Day inspired Rice Krispie treats in the shape of shamrocks is a fun and easy way to celebrate with your preschooler. Rice Krispie treats only require three ingredients and you and your little one can measure and mix them up together. To make your treats a bit more festive, you can add in some green food dye and green sprinkles or other candy. Once the treats come together, press them down into a well-oiled baking sheet and use a shamrock cookie cutter to create your shamrocks. You and your kiddo can share your shamrock treats with family and friends. 

Have a Green Scavenger Hunt

For your scavenger hunt, make a list of green things that your child can find around the house or in the yard, depending upon the weather. You can also find green scavenger hunt lists online like this one and just print it off to make things a bit easier. After your kiddo completes the scavenger hunt, you can reward them with a Saint Patrick’s Day surprise such as a green shirt to wear for the day or an Irish-inspired treat. 

Make Shamrock Emojis

Shamrock emojis are cute paper shamrocks with facial expressions including eyes, eyebrows, mouths, and other features that your child can put together to create shamrocks with big smiles, winky faces, or heart-shaped eyes. You can find templates online for shamrock emojis that include the paper shamrock and all the facial features needed. Once they are printed, simply cut them out and let your preschooler have fun mixing and matching.

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