We can’t all be those mommy bloggers who manage to have all the kids in coordinated outfits, frost a gajillion sugar cookies, and manage to get a perfect photo of the day. And that — well, that is just fine. Between work, a social life, and kids, parents have a lot on their plates.

When December comes around, the to-do list can feel endless and your energy can be drained. What better way to relieve some stress than by finding a local daycare or after school program for your child a few days each week? We see a lot of different reasons to look into daycare providers once the holidays make their way to us, but in today’s blog, we’ll cover three of the biggest reasons. If you need a daycare or after school care in Pembroke Pines — in December or any other time of the year — then you can count on Lil’ Rascals Academy. We have daycare centers in Davie, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, and Weston, and we’re a Top Rated Local® children’s academy. Schedule a tour today.

You’ll Have More Time

Just think about it: what would you do with a little more time in your day or in your week? What more could you accomplish? As December comes around, there are presents to wrap, treats to make, presents and groceries to shop for, and cleaning to do. The list seems to be endless. When your kids are home, you’re trying to help with homework and get them into bed at a decent time — all while they’re hyped up on holiday candy. By taking your lil’ ones to a daycare center or after school child care, you’ll have more time to take care of the shopping, wrapping, and cleaning. And by doing this, you’ll have more time and energy to devote to your children — including decorating all of those sugar cookies.

They’ll Get Out Their Extra Energy

We’re willing to bet that your kids are more energetic than ever with all the sugar and the prospect of friends and family coming into town, Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick visiting, and winter break. A child development center will help them to get out all of their wiggles — OK, maybe not all of them — and be more relaxed when they’re home. They’ll love interacting with other children during after school activities or playing with their daycare center teacher throughout the day.

They’ll Be Prepared For The Time Off From School

Winter break can sometimes mean catching up on a lot of homework or having everything ready for the end of the semester. During our after school care, our teaching staff can help children with their homework assignments.

Dropping your children off at the local daycare center or having them go to after school care when you’re busy isn’t bad — it helps you be a more prepared, relaxed, and capable parent. Schedule a tour of our daycare today and see if it could work for you and your family.