Global Discovery

Lil’ Rascals Academy approaches education from global vantage point and brings that to each child in our care.  Whether our students are hopping in their homemade plane off to China or learning a new language, we are helping students as global citizens!

Cooking Class

From measuring to mixing, every aspect of cooking contributes lessons that add to learning.  Our weekly Cooking Class nurtures skills in basic math concepts and language and motor skills.  The experience of creating meals will help build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.  Cooking can help young kids learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills. And the experience of creating meals with you can help build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.

Outdoor Gardening

Gardening with early learners engages them by providing an interactive environment to observe, discover, experiment, nurture and learn. In our Outdoor Gardening Area, our students are involved every step of the way…. from learning about different kinds of plants and deciding what to grow; digging and preparing the garden beds; adding the soil; planting; harvesting; to preparing and sharing food.  Research shows that when children have contact with soil during activities like digging and planting, they have improved moods, better learning experiences and decreased anxiety. Most important, the self-esteem a child gets from eating a perfect tomato that he grew himself is priceless.

S.T.E.M. Learning

From their earliest years, children engage with the world in ways that can promote learning related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They balance blocks to build a wall; bat at a mobile to make it spin; and push and pull magnets together and apart. Research shows that the earlier we guide and support children’s wonder about the world–and thereby identify opportunities for children to acquire foundational STEM skills–the more successful they are in all areas of learning later on.

Read Aloud Campaign

Research shows, children that are read to develop a mastery of skills in language, phonological recognition and an increased vocabulary long before they are able to read.  Reading aloud for 15 minutes as a daily routine strengthens the relationship between parent and child, while demonstrating that reading is important and valued.  Lil’ Rascals Academy has partnered with Read Aloud National Campaign working to encourage every parent to read aloud to their child every day starting at birth. Why? Because reading aloud to your child is the single most important thing you can do to prepare your child for life-long learning success….every parent is their child’s first and most important teacher.

Media Labs

As technology continues to progress and new educational opportunities arise…there is no limit to the amount of interactive learning in our modern Media Labs!  Our students can enhance their hand-eye coordination, use their imagination and bring stories to life, explore phonics and math in a fun-filled way…or better yet….practice Spanish!